Tauranga's Don’t let missing teeth affect your quality of life, even those who look after their teeth carefully can end up needing dentures. We have helped hundreds of Kiwis turn their frowns upside down and eat pain-free. Tauranga Precision Dental has been part of the Tauranga community since 1968 and Michael is your local denture guy. BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION Local Denture Clinic

New dentures

(full or partial) with ur immediate, standard and premium denture sets. 

Denture relining

Relining or re-fitting dentures can be done as a temporary or permanent manner.

Denture repairs

Simple repairs can be done within 2 hours, more complex cases may take longer.


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Dentures Tauranga

Tauranga Precision Dental is a denture clinic specialising in all general denture and false teeth needs. As your Tauranga denture expert, we provide a friendly clinic, professional staff, and a relaxing environment. Taking care of your dentures & false teeth is very important, and we’re here to help. Our denture clinic focuses on dentures direct to you, offering full dentures, partial dentures, as well as relines and repairs. Whether you’re in need of a general check-up, having problems with your dentures, or would like new dentures, make an appointment with us today and we’ll take proper care of both you and your dentures.

Payment Plans

18 months interest free payment plans available via Q Card.


We stand by our work & ensure the highest quality of after care.